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How We Build Together Your Successful Digital Journey

Healthcare frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing has been the sole performer for businesses in the contemporary era, today! From capitalizing on the social media landscape to developing a robust website; there are several elements that can make a difference.

the importance of digital marketing in the healthcare sector has surpassed significantly since the old days.

Let’s look at it this way when people want to search about a business; then, they go to the internet. So, if your business is not fully infested on the internet, then, you’re missing out greatly.

This is where MDS stands above the rest!

With a team of experienced digital marketers and technologists, who only focus on the healthcare sector, we know all the necessary elements to take your business to the next level.

However, there are several questions that may arise in your mind. Here, we will highlight some FAQs, which can make your decision-making quite easy. To make things further easier for you, we categorized each set of questions; so, happy learning!

All-Time Most frequently Asked Questions

What Kinds of Problems Does Marketing Solve?

Let’s be honest, marketing is an element which is the driving force for any business; especially, in today’s business world. Add a digital element in the frame and marketing can do wonders for a business. For healthcare organizations, it can lead to engaging with more patients, providing better services, and understanding what the healthcare market is like.
Another point to note is that effective marketing opens doors to several other benefits as well. Let’s highlight them for you.

  • Acquiring profitable growth.
  • Build a professional reputation outside your demographics.
  • Connecting with a wider audience and growing your market value.
  • Protect and grow the market share against competition

How Can One Market Without Hurting Their Own Reputation?

Healthcare marketing is all about using the right strategies and tactics at the right time. If you manage to provide the right marketing solutions, you can enhance your reputation and results significantly. Of course, it can go either way as well!

Is Marketing Expensive and Risky?

Obviously, doing business can be a tough ask, especially, if you’re dealing with the healthcare sector. However, similar to that of a medical professional, who learns with experience, marketing can work in the same way. With years of marketing research, different researchers have suggested ways to counteract the risk, so that brands can expand consistently. Another point to remember is that it’s not an expensive investment to devise marketing strategies. In fact, some highly effective marketing strategies, like digital marketing is not only cost-effective, but are also extremely efficient.
Let’s learn how we can develop marketing strategies, that are not only results-focused, but also reduces risks in the process.

  • Conduct market research to devise data driven strategies, which can deliver success.
  • Learn from the marketing outcomes of competitors and plan accordingly.
  • monitor the outcomes of your strategies, so they we can analyse, and optimize your future strategies and tactics accordingly.

How Should I establish A Marketing Budget?

Even the most well-intended clients are known to give up because of frustration or, worse, no marketing because of lack of budget for their healthcare practices. The right way, however, is, to begin with, the end in mind. Define precisely what you wish to achieve in precise and quantifiable numbers.
The main purpose of establishing your budget is to align adequate resources to achieve realistic goals.

What’s the Difference Between Medical Marketing & Medical Practice Management?

In all honesty, Medical Marketing is all about creating a positive reputation, getting the phone to ring, getting people to come in for their appointment, and gaining patients.
Let’s look at both concepts, individually. Medical practice management deals with operational matters, such as payer selection, accounts receivable, HIPAA, software, cost cutting, and several other concerns which are dealt with on a daily basis.
On the other hand, medical marketing is all about building a positive reputation, be it in the form of getting phone calls, to attaining organic traffic, medical marketing is all about building a larger community.

Is Marketing Synonymous with Advertising?

Advertising and marketing are mistakenly used interchangeably, whereas marketing is just a comprehensive, overreaching heading that encompasses various variables.
These variables are referred to as the 7 Ps of Marketing, which includes:

  • Product
  • Packaging
  • Price
  • Place
  • People
  • Positioning
  • Promotion

The last P, promotion is what it means to market your brand! Whether its doctoral referral or online promotion, you require a well-strategized marketing plan to go through with it.

You are always marketing your brand, whether you realise it or not! Did you know that you are marketing your brand with every step you take?

That’s how business operate! Everything you do is one way or another linked to telling people about your products and services – and if that isn’t marketing, then what is?
Sure, an organization may not have a written marketing plan, or perhaps it deliberately avoids all major advertising platforms, but to even think that a company or business never markets is a big mistake.
The way a business greets or interacts with patients, the décor of the workplace, the caregivers, what patients are most likely to say about the company to their friends and family, and plenty of other examples are ways a business market itself. The result of this – unintentional or intentional – represent the messages communicated by the business about the business.

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to online marketing efforts or assets. It is the advertising and marketing of a product, a service, a business, and even an individual using online channels and digital technologies.
Some examples of digital marketing include email, PPC, SEO, Social Media, Video Marketing and more.
To market or have an online appearance of your company is a big deal in today’s world. And why not? Internet usage has increased a lot over the past decades, and its shift has tremendously affected how individuals buy products and interact with businesses.

What is Healthcare Digital Marketing?

What comes to your mind when you hear healthcare digital marketing? Does it sound like a doctor’s posting photos of how his day was at work on his social media? While most would love to do that, that is not the case.
Patients and healthcare professionals these days are different from the healthcare consumer from the previous ones. Believe it or not, but consumer behaviour has changed radically over time. In simpler terms, digital marketing here means reaching the right patient at the right moment with the right treatment advertisement.
Health is the 3rd most popular activity googled on the internet. So, when you search for treatments for cold or the best physicians near me, the results are an SEO algorithm showing you the best outcomes to the search.
Healthcare digital marketing broadly encompasses an integrated approach where we utilize each digital asset accordingly and strategize a digital plan to boost your online presence And put your healthcare business at the forefront of an extremely competitive market..

Why is Digital Marketing so Important in Healthcare?

Digital marketing has breathed a new life in the healthcare industry by strengthening the visibility of your hospitality services in the online space.
Through digital marketing, you can reach out to patients and healthcare aspirants worldwide, build trust among the audience, and expand the growth of your healthcare services.
Through digital media marketing, communication becomes faster, more versatile, practical and streamlines the services offered.
Hospitals have to promote their services mainly to create awareness, increase patient flow, build customer loyalty and retain their customers.

Why Does My Healthcare Need Digital Marketing?

Consumers these days have become more active on websites and apps. As a matter of fact, patients rely on web searches to a huge extent to make healthcare choices, which makes it important to stay on top of the digital marketing platforms and keep your healthcare organization ahead of the online revolution.
There are multiple tangible benefits of digital marketing strategies and below we will help you better understand why digital marketing is important for the healthcare industry:

  • Boosts Audience Reach and Brand Awareness
    • It is safe to say that like all other industries, health industry is becoming hypercompetitive as well. It is important that your brand message and details of your service are made accessible to your target audience so you can retain a healthy flow of patients and prospects to your healthcare busines.
      Statistics put forth by Google show that 44% users book an appointment online or call hospitals after looking up the contact details online before visiting.
  • It increases the chances of patient retention
    • We currently live in a digital era and everyone today is looking for services which best suit their convenience and gives them easy accessibility. Consequently, as a healthcare professional you must ensure that your patients are provided with healthcare services, which can help you retain them for many years. You will be facilitating a number of patients if you give them easy access to relevant information through your website, or making a portal for them, given you employ these digital marketing tools.
      Additionally, if you give helpful healthcare tips over social media, you boost engagement with your patients and its builds an organic relationship between them and your healthcare brand.
      PwC has reported that social media serves as an influential tool which affects patients’ choice when they want to opt for a hospital or a physician.
  • Provides Direct Communication and Improved Conversion Rates
    • Biz Report has stated that 70% of phone calls that companies receive from potential customers is due to digital marketing tactics like CTC (click-to-call). These reports further asserts that 40% of patients who use search engine to look up medical facilities will most likely connect with those that have a functioning CTC.
      When there is provision of easy communication between patients and healthcare organizations it paves the way for easy access which is the priority for most patients. The direct communication gives them easiness in terms of which healthcare facility they want to visit..
      Search Engine Watch have provided the data of conversion rate for CTC which is 25% on Google and has proven to save 51% of the costs as compared to the conventional display marketing methods.
  • Helps reduce Cost Per Patient Acquisition (CPA)
    • The rising cost of per patient acquisition (CPA) is becoming a growing problem for healthcare physicians. If you calculate, the amount that is spent on reaching out to one patient multiplies into hundreds of dollars. This problem can be curtailed by reducing the costs down significantly if digital marketing methods are alternatively employed.
      A survey has clearly asserted that television and print press are two leading media platforms commonly used for marketing. Around 68% accounts for print press marketing and 38% for television advertising. When you calculate the CPA on these mediums it resulted in $300 each.
      It is important to note digital marketing techniques do not merely reduce the CPA costs by almost half but also boost return on investment (ROI). This suggests that you have the opportunity to not just work on your brand awareness through better communication channels but also ease access to organization which will have a positive effect on the organization.
  • Helps target patients
    • All of us know that there are over 2 billion people on Facebook and the count is increasing every day. Same goes for the number patients. In other words, if you’re a healthcare service provider who wants to expand their horizons on the social media landscape, then, Facebook should be your first choice. After all, you can reach your target audience more effectively and efficiently.
  • Access to Data Facilitates In The Decision-Making Process
    • One of the recurring problems with traditional marketing methods is that it inaccurately tracks data. It is difficult to track which channel is responsible for the highest conversion ratio. It is uncontested that with digital marketing, a clear-cut advantage is the accuracy with which data is tracked.
      Data is integral for any business in the running- even a medical one for that matter. You will be unable to make decisions that improve your marketing performance if you do not have data for your company. Digital techniques assist healthcare practitioners to make the most optimal, data-driven and result-oriented marketing decisions. It further helps in determining the marketing budget and aims at specific markets that are seeking healthcare provision.
  • Gives Patients A Better Experience
    • Your target audience (case in point: patients) is your utmost priority. You want them to have easy access to medical information. in order to make the process hassle free for them, your facility must ensure that you give them an experience that doesn’t disappoint them. Digital marketing is a strategic tool that will save them a lot of time and effort.
      While it is true that digital marketing will facilitate patients in making medical decisions and improve their online experience, it is important to know how you have to use the online platforms. Using it correctly will not just provide a smooth-sailing process to your customers but will get you positive reviews and feedbacks. This will further help you garner more attention and generate more leads.
      Digital marketing tools help you to track your patients and send out check-up reminder and also reach out to them on important days of their lives. Furthermore, the ease of dropping feedbacks on the services enjoyed by the patient is not only good for them but also your medical centre.
  • Provides Accuracy
    • The best part about digital marketing is that it provides accuracy! Let’s look at it this way, if you’re offering healthcare service, with misguided information, then, you can tarnish your reputation instead of building on it. So, with digital marketing you can spread your horizons and maximize on authentic information for better results.
  • Gets You Ahead of The Competition
    • It has been fairly established that there are many healthcare professionals who have yet to join the digital forefront.
      Getting in touch with patients through digital marketing provides you a quicker process and gives you an open field to win them over and opt for your medical facility. The ways you can potentially draw their attention by educating them on matters pertaining healthcare or giving them tips to stay healthy or important medical information.
      While giving out the right the information is important, it is just as important to expand your reach so it’s accessible to a wider audience. You will have a head start in this competitive industry if you get onto the digital wave.
  • Display Your Services
    • Another benefit for healthcare digital marketing is that you can showcase your service offerings with ease. Whether its on your website or on your social media pages, digital marketing can help you unlock the true potential of marketing.
  • Build Patient Loyalty and A Positive Referral Base
    • Another benefit of digital marketing is that you can attain patient loyalty with ease. Remember, your services are being showcased on digital forums. Furthermore, most patients search for the preferred services on the internet, before they book an appointment. So, if you make a strong digital landscape, then, you’ll be able to build strong patient loyalty.
  • Easy to Market Your Brand
    • Websites and social media platforms are not only effective but are cost effective as well! So, if you want your healthcare business to flourish, then online marketing is the way to go!
  • Customizable Marketing Strategy
    • Different industries utilize different advertising techniques that best suit their organization. Sometimes, posting flashy ads or visually appealing promotional videos doesn’t cut it. This is where utilizing Customizable marketing strategy comes in handy as advertising the services of your healthcare practice will require a customized strategy. You can use various tools and formats to execute this, such as, content marketing. It is a method through which you can establish a strong online presence alongside profusely updating your target audience with information on healthcare.
      The idea is that “one-size-fits-all” approach isn’t the norm in digital marketing. It is unique and varies from brand to brand depending on its respective industry and more such factors.
  • Improves Community Engagement
    • Healthcare professionals working in the healthcare field are a credible source of information when it comes to addressing all sorts of health concerns. Imagine a representative from your hospital or clinic is consistently engaging and answering common questions. Wouldn’t it be great for your potential patients to trust you and spread a good word of mouth for your services?
      Social tools offer innovative ways for healthcare practitioners to answer common questions. For instance, the government of India created a Facebook Messenger chatbot. It can answer questions, direct citizens to the right sources of information, and refute misinformation.
      Healthcare problems may be a little hard to communicate sometimes even with doctors. That’s specifically true for subjects deemed as private or embarrassing. This can prove to be a hindrance in the provision of effective care. With digital marketing, patients have the privacy to ask their medical queries and concern via chatbots or video call with a physician.

Which Services Should You Expect from a Digital Marketing Service?

A good digital marketing service provides a myriad of services, which includes online activities such as SEO, Content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, PPC, website development and designs, among others. The best part about working with MDS is that we strategize a completely integrated digital marketing plan to cover all the digital assets so that you can achieve your digital goals.

Why is Digital Marketing Beneficial for your Business?

The most important feature of acquiring a good digital marketing service is to raise brand awareness. Remember, you’re increasing your marketing reach and building a strong brand for your business!

What are the advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing?

  • Huge ROI
    • There’s nothing that matters more to a business, than ROI! With digital marketing, business owners can spend loss while gaining more.
  • Easy to Measure
    • The best part about digital marketing is that you can achieve results in no time at all as compared to traditional methods. Traditional methods limit you because you have to wait weeks or even months to evaluate the outcome of the campaign. On the other hand, with a digital campaign you can know immediately how well your ad is performing.
  • More Engaging
    • As we have discussed previously, digital marketing allows you to engage more with your audience. Let’s take a social media post for example, if you get a lot of shares, likes, or positive comments, then, connecting with them on a consistent level gets easier.
  • Targeted Approach
    • Another disadvantage of traditional marketing is that you can’t reach your target audience in a measurable way. However, cost-effective digital marketing solutions allow you to reach your target audience, in a measurable way. You can stay in touch with current customers and also connect with customers who are looking for the services you offer.

What do You Mean by Brand Awareness in Digital Marketing?

Brand awareness means establishing a digital identity that can identify your target audience. After you’ve identified your target audience, the next step is to acquire them. This is where MDS stands out! Using robust digital marketing tools and procedures, we take your brand’s reputation to the next level.

Search Engine Optimization

What is Healthcare SEO?

In hindsight, SEO is an approach to improve the visibility of your website on search engines. Let’s be honest, if you search anything on google, you wouldn’t go pass the first 3 links, let alone the next page. In fact, it’s researched that over 75% of the clicks are received on the links lying in the top 3 search results. So, don’t you want your business’s name as one of the top 3 results?

Why is SEO Important?

First of all, let us ask you, do you go on the second page of Google search results? According to a research, it’s suggested that almost 75% of the users don’t go on the second page of the search results. This is where a good SEO strategy comes in! It can help you stay on the first page of the search engine results. Of course, you have to develop your strategies with time; so, the results remain the same throughout a long business tenure.

How Could SEO Benefit my Healthcare practice?

Search engine optimization or search engine optimization optimizes your net website to be located in search engines like google for relevant key-word searches. For instance, if a person is looking for a obstetrician and there are five obstetricians clinics in that vicinity, you’d like your practice to come up first inside the search engines, that’s the power of SEO.

Do Digital Marketing Service Providers Also Offer SEO services?

The extensive necessity of SEO makes it one of the most sought-out digital marketing strategies to date. Let’s look at it this way; more than 70% of the people search for things on search engines. So, if your digital strategies don’t include SEO, then you’re missing out greatly. Lucky for you, we at MDS believe in providing everything digital to our esteemed list of clienteles!

How Can You Include SEO on Your Website?

What makes SEO stand out is that it isn’t a one-time activity. Instead, it comprises a myriad of different activities implemented over a long time to achieve substantial results. Keep in mind that your website’s presence on search engines is essential for long-term results.
As business owners, you must make sure that your SEO strategies include the following steps:

  • Keyword Researching
  • Digital Competitive Analysis
  • On – page optimization
  • off – page optimization (aka Link building)
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Code and Content Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • SEO Reporting
  • Tracking and Tweaking

How can SEO Improve your Website’s Ranking?

SEO comprises a myriad of procedures, all implemented to achieve a single goal – to help reach digital supremacy! SEO service providers consist of experts who uniquely analyse your business’s website. From backlink quality to on-page changes, the experts test your website’s results criteria through well-defined results. Again, this is a consistent process, and continuous efforts can be a key element to help you conquer Google search results.

What does SEO stand for?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, comprises of a myriad of steps, which can help websites appear on the top of the search engine results. Every few hours, there are crawlers of the search engines which crawl the entire internet to learn about website’s rankings. So, different aspects like layout of the site, loading time, content, and so much more can affect your search engine rankings.

Is SEO necessary for growing Businesses?

SEO is undeniably the best way to promote any business. The best part about implementing SEO practices is that they’re not only cost efficient but are also outcome driven. With a minimum marketing budget, the companies can acquire quality traffic on websites.

Which SEO techniques are popular?

There are several SEO techniques which are operational in today’s world of digitization. Let’s highlight them.

  • Website Optimization
  • Measuring your SEO performance
  • Video Optimization
  • Building a Large number of Backlinks

What the Parameters of Selecting the Right SEO Service Provider?

SEO is not an activity, but a procedure spread throughout a certain period to help organizations reach on top of the search engine. It takes time and effort to achieve digital goals. However, as business owners, you must ensure that your SEO service provider has the following features.

  • expertise in a particular domain
  • Overall experience in the SEO sector
  • Good online reviews
  • Case studies of the existing clients
  • the quality of content

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing is a type of marketing that promotes sites by generating website visibility on the search engine. It is an umbrella term that comprises many activities such as SEO, PPC, Local SEO, visitor analysis, and Social Media Marketing.

How can a SEO and SEM audit help Businesses?

The audit helps in answering the following questions

  • How can your website rank higher on search engine results?
  • Who is visiting the company’s website?
  • What SEM marketing is the company missing to achieve their digital goals?

How Does SEM Help My Business?

Your internet presence becomes the essential tool for your business working for you 24/7. SEM benefits you in multiple ways:

  • Increases lead to your professional service business
  • Increases sales for an e-commerce site
  • Increases whatever action that you want the internet visitors to take

How Can SEO / SEM Audit Help Your Business?

Here are some questions that SEO or SEM help you answer:

  • What referral sites or search terms did the visitors use to find the business?
  • Who is visiting my website?
  • Where are the visitors geographically located?
  • Am I missing an audience that may want to purchase my products or get my services?
  • How can my website rank a bit higher in search engines like top 3?
  • Are there any directories or websites that my site should be listed in to generate referral traffic?
  • Are there any search engine marketing opportunities that I may be missing out on for my business since I do not know the questions to ask?

How is PPC Connected with Digital Marketing?

In simpler terms, PPC is a results-driven advertising model; in which the advertiser has to pay for the ads which are served to a specific audience. It’s another core element that binds digital marketing together!

Why Should You Use SEM?

SEM helps you in expanding your business to reach online. In other words, it can help you target and acquire an audience who are not aware of your services/products and bring them to your community. SEM can bring in potential customers, and it’s up to you to convert them into future customers.

What is the difference between SEM and SEO?

Search Engine Optimization focuses on improving your site’s rank based on relevant keywords. Good SEO practices can help drive organic traffic to your website. More traffic can increase the chances of you generating better revenue.
On the other hand, Search Engine Marketing focuses on improving your brand’s presence online. The difference here lies in the duration of its effect. SEM can provide you results quickly and effectively. At the same time, SEO takes time to streamline your online presence! Keep in mind that SEO and SEM work terrifically in tandem with each other!

Content Marketing

What is healthcare content marketing?

Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy that assists healthcare facilitates to reach and engage with their consumer’s though online content. If you’re a healthcare business owner or a medical professional looking to expand your horizons on the digital forefront, then, you need healthcare content marketing. From creating brand awareness to maximizing patient engagement and retention; content marketing can be element to change your digital landscape.

What kinds of content can you create for medical content marketing?

There are several content marketing features which you can incorporate in your healthcare content marketing strategies. Let’s list them down;

  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Press releases
  • Videos
  • Guides
  • Reviews
  • Articles

Want to know the best part? We, at MDS can help you with everything! Whether you want video content or articles, our experts help you with everything!

What Makes Content Marketing an Important Business Element?

As business owners who are new to the digital marketing sector, you must be aware that users come across thousands of ads every day. The bulk of ads on the internet; enabled users to miss out on several of those ads. However, with a robust content marketing strategy, you can make sure that your ad stands above the rest! In other words, with a good content marketing strategy, you increase the probability of generating leads and building a vast community.

What are the Best Practices of Implementing Content Marketing?

In a bigger frame, content marketing falls under the category of inbound marketing. So, the strategies may vary from brand to brand. However, a few characteristics are mandatory for a strong content marketing strategy, such as newsletters, email marketing, webinars, etc.

What Are the Core Elements of a Content Strategy?

  • Positioning Your Brand
  • Value Proposition
  • Business Goals
  • Strategic Plan

What are the Steps to Creating a Complete Content Strategy Plan?

  • Step 1: Auditing your Existing Content
  • Step 2: Designing your Goals
  • Step 3: Determining the Audience
  • Step 4: Planning Content Production
  • Step 5: Content Distribution
  • Step 6: Evaluating your Content Performance

How does Content Marketing Work?

It’s not always about words! To ensure that your content marketing strategies pave ahead of everyone else’s is to incorporate several other features in them! From editorial pieces to high-end graphic utilization, which can inform readers and attract them to visit the website again!

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Everything has gone social in the present era! From Facebook to Instagram, social media is now the saving grace for businesses in the digital landscape! Social media marketing deals with the digital efforts you put on your social media platforms to target audience in those channels. Social media marketing is all about connecting your audience and building the brand, increasing sales and driving major website traffics to your online platforms. All of this includes publishing amazing content tailored for each of your social media profiles, listening and engaging to your followers, running advertisements, and analyzing your results.
Some of the major social media platforms right now are

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn

There are two major types of social media marketing: social media advertising and social media management. There is a little overlap between these methods, but they focus on different objectives. If you are a business owner, then it is essential for you to understand the differences between each. and generate sales from them.

What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the procedure of generating, promoting, publishing and managing content across the social media platforms. It’s a foundational component of the marketing world of social media and the procedure includes setting up social media accounts and posting all the relevant content to the page. The goal here is to get to as much as target audience as possible and build trust through posting engaging content.
When you think of social media platforms with the feel or look each account has, reflects how the page is managed. This is a strategy that helps people personalize their experience online. Also, when you are running a small business, it becomes even more essential to make sure that your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or other digital channels help you produce and grow your business.
The idea here is that, with time, individuals who frequently engage with your content online are more likely to be interested in doing business with you. Through engagement you get positive responses that people have when they see your work.

What is social media advertising?

Social media advertising is a digital marketing strategy that enables you to run paid advertisements on social media platforms. This strategy involves paying to promote content on social media sites to reach interested leads and get them to check out your business.
One of the biggest benefits of a paid advertising campaign on social media is that it lets you reach a much larger audience than the people who currently follow you.
Your ads aren’t just shown to everybody, either (not unless you want them to). Social media networks know a lot about their users:
They know general demographics such as age, gender, language, and location.
They know about their user’s preferences and behaviors.
They even know emails, phone numbers, and friend circles.
With that information, social media ad platforms let you target just about anyone you could want within reason. With social media ads, not only are you finding new audiences, you’re finding qualified audiences, the ones that will most likely be interested in your products and services.

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing?

In retrospect, social media marketing acts as a supporter for your paid campaigns, and it’s also an essential way to build a strong brand for yourself! Furthermore, your social media acts as a first impression for your business. People will search for your business on social media and decide to communicate with your business or not!

Why Use Social Media Marketing for Healthcare Business?

All of us are aware of the importance of social media marketing for businesses entirely. However, not many of us know the importance of social media marketing for healthcare businesses. So, let us enlighten you with some benefits of using social media marketing for healthcare businesses.

  • Brand Awareness
    • The most important aspect of your digital marketing strategy is that we help you create brand awareness! In other words, with our remarkable and market trendy digital marketing solutions, we aspire to take your business to the next level!
  • Building an Emotional Connection
    • Experts believe that digital marketing and social media are all about adding emotion to your brand. Emotional elements are essential to add value to your brand! Social media marketing can be just the catalyst you need to expand your horizons on the digital landscape from social media posts for different occasions to strengthening relationship with your clients.
  • Enhancing Your Patient Trust & Loyalty
    • The first and foremost tactic to take your brand to the next level is to build trust and loyalty with your patients. In other words, if your patients know that they can trust their brand to provide them, with exceptional customer service and products; then, they are bound to stick by them for a long time!
  • Expanding your Market Reach
    • Your social media presence is essential to elevate your market reach! There are billions of users across different social media platforms. So, if your social media marketing procedures aren’t capitalizing on a wider organic traffic; then, you’re missing out!
      Another point to note is that most healthcare FAQs are answered on digital forums and social media platforms. So, why not use this opportunity to expand your market reach?
  • Makes You Stand Out from The Competition
    • The best part about social media marketing, is that it can help you enhance your digital landscape significantly. In other words, if your business’s social media campaign Doesn’t help you stand above the rest, then, you’re missing out, big time!
  • Generates More Business
    • Your social media campaign can bring in more business! Remember, your patients will search for answers on social media channels! If you’re ensuring that they get those answers, you will automatically generate more business opportunities! So, what are you waiting for? Make your social media strategies stand out with MDS in the frame!
  • Maintaining Good Search Engine Results
    • That’s right! A good social media marketing strategy can help your business to flourish on search engine results. Try searching for your favorite healthcare brand, and you will mostly get results from their social media platforms.
  • Finding Your Audience on Different Social Media Platforms
    • The best part about social media platforms is that everyone is on them! According to research, there are approximately 3.5 billion users on social media worldwide. So, there’s a good chance that your target audience will be available on social media platforms. So, target them before you end up losing them entirely!
  • High Engagement Opportunities
    • Medical digital marketers believe that patients are highly interested in communicating with their healthcare suppliers. And social media is exceptional in eradicating communication barriers with businesses and consumers. If you want to enhance communication with your audience, then social media is your saving grace!

What is the Role of Social Media Marketing in the Overall Digital Marketing?

The primary objective of your social media marketing strategies is to promote your business online. Social media marketing agencies help in:

  • Establishing Brand’s Recognition
  • Getting Organic Traffic for Business
  • Brand Promotions
  • Analyzing Competitors and Improving Goals accordingly
  • Achieving Project Goals in Minimal Budget

What is Social Media Package?

In retrospect, a social media package refers to the set of services you can acquire for enhancing your social media presence. Most social media packages include the number of platforms which will be used to market your business. However, several other elements need to be taken into account.
Usually, agencies create a single bundle of features, which businesses have to pay for, even if they aren’t using those services. Lucky for you, MDS differs from all those agencies. We have different tailored packages we can offer so that you can select the best one for your business.
Our experts will also help you make the right decision! By analyzing your business’s prospect, we will advise you on the social media campaign that is perfect for you!

Why Should You Invest in Social Media Marketing packages?

Let’s be honest, social media is the future! So, if we’re not making the most out of it, then we’ll stay behind! However, you cannot win overnight with social media platforms. Today, businesses have to spend a lot of time and resources to make the most out of it!
Investing in social media packages from agencies is essential because they know what’s best for you! With a plethora of experience under their belts, they will suggest the best possible package for you and your business.
Another benefit of investing in a social media agency is that you reduce the time for running a “trial and error” method. For small small-scale organizations, this method can prove costly!

What Should You Look For in your Social Media Package?

This is an important element when you’re searching for a social media package! In other words, you must know what’s important for you and your business. Take a look at the following elements, which should be mandatory for your marketing strategies!

  • Upfront Pricing
  • Routine Consultation
  • Transparent & Periodic Reporting
  • Community Management
  • Setup and Optimization
  • Flexible Customization Options
  • Visual Content Creation

There are several other elements, which need to be considered as well. However, the above-mentioned elements are those which you must not compromise on!
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How Does YouTube Benefit Healthcare Professionals?

YouTube benefits your channel and works in several key ways:

  • Google owns YouTube, which is enough to understand that YouTube results get a high priority in SEO for most key terms.
  • YouTube reaches out to people of all ages, making it easier for you to engage with them actively and at any time of the day.
  • Your YouTube channel is a convenient place to answer patients when they have questions about your services or office.

What Are YouTube Advertising Ideas That Go Beyond Healthcare Strategy?

YouTube advertising allows hospitals and practices to reach out beyond those individuals actively searching for your expertise or services.
Know this, advertising on YouTube isn’t as simple as it sounds always. You need to ensure that your channel and YouTube’s advertisement are strategically planned, which means giving people the option to view something or read messages by handpicking the content that’s best for your business.
So, in short, YouTube should be a platform in any advertising strategy as long as you know the right way to use it. And if a credible medical organization is using it, make sure the videos are high quality and professional.
If you are in the healthcare industry, take a moment to think about growing your reach through YouTube. It’s a free tool that anyone can utilize.

Does LinkedIn Help Promote Events?

LinkedIn has contact RSVPs to your event that are posted on the home profile. This generates interest and creates more energy in the event.
Begin brainstorming ideas and methods to use your workspace to round up members who may not know you are there. A tip, free food, and information are always an attractive way to gain an audience

Are Sponsored Ads on LinkedIn of Any Help?

If you think healthcare marketing is an easy job, well, think again! On a LinkedIn platform, companies are trying to reach out to their audience and potential customers making the competition fierce. To find your way up through the crowd is and get your healthcare services noticed is a challenge that most people are willing to take.
Healthcare professionals receive hundreds of email marketing messages, campaigns, and connect requests on LinkedIn every day. To make your way to the top amidst all these campaigns and connecting to your prospect takes a lot of effective social media content marketing skills and strategies.
LinkedIn lets your marketers narrow down the audience so that your messages land into only the relevant audience’s inbox.

How is Twitter Different from All Other Social Networks?

Know this, your approach on every networking platform should differ. for example, Twitter marketing strategies should be different than Instagram’s. Understanding how twitter works and where it fits best in your online strategy can shape how you use it.
Twitter thrives off effective and user-friendly communication. Forrester reports that for every one million followers on Twitter, a business can expect around 300 interactions. Also, being responsive results in new patients.

Why Market Your Practice on Twitter?

Have you ever wondered why so many famous healthcare brands and professionals have an online presence? well, that’s because their target audience is on Twitter, and you should be there too.
It is an effective way to promote your work in front of thousands of potential customers.

Is Twitter Free?

Twitter is a social media platform that is absolutely free of cost unless you opt for some paid advertisement. Through ads, you can build tailored campaigns around your healthcare budget, goals, and targeted audience. Twitter ads give you the power to manage and promote content and traffic to your website to attract new participants.

How to Attract More Patients?

The world of healthcare marketing is changing, and we hear of new strategies almost every day. One of the best ways to make your healthcare practice stand out is by promoting treatments or services that make your service unique.

Graphic Desiging in The Healthcare Industry

How Does Graphic Design Help in the Healthcare Industry?

Visuals, texts, and colors mentally impact our brains. We visually process images with our reasoning and our ability to pay attention to them. Our mind is designed to analyse and process visuals immediately. A social media post with an image is ten times more likely to receive engagement. Those posts are more than just tweets, likes, and comments, graphics allow you to connect with your audience on a whole different level than words can ever do.

Video Marketing

What Does a Video Marketing Agency Need for a Successful Video Marketing Campaign?

Similar to any other digital marketing campaign, video marketing experts will study your services/products first. Afterward, they will evaluate your business model and then suggest video marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.

Is Video Marketing included in Digital Marketing?

Video marketing comprises all digital marketing practices. From SEO-based development to social media posting, video marketing covers an extensive area of digital marketing today!

How Useful is Video Marketing in Digital Marketing?

Video marketing is one of the most important features of digital marketing. Let’s look at it this way, YouTube is the second largest search engine platform operational today. If your video marketing is lacking, then your entire digital marketing campaign can become jeopardized.
Furthermore, video marketing can increase your search engine ranking extensively. So, if you want to reach a proactive audience in the present era, then video marketing is the way to do it!

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