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Medical Digital Solutions offers a perfect blend of digital solutions to take your digital existence to the next level. When it comes to healthcare branding, we help shape how your healthcare organization is perceived in the overall marketplace. We ensure that we not only provide you services to help alleviate your brand. But we have all the abilities to help you make a long-lasting impact with your brand.
We at MDS believe beyond the incentive of simply generating and maximizing profits. Our creative agency aspires to leave a mark in the industry with our innovative healthcare services.
Medical Digital Solution surrounds its goals and vision around health and wellness. This helps us evolve and use the right knowledge to bring you strategies that bring healthcare sectors the most favorable outcomes.

We are confident with what we do, and we know you will love how we'll help you grow.

Core Steps MDS Takes To Build Your Tailored Maid Brand Strategy


Brand Workshops

We’ll tap deep into your healthcare organization. Simply, we’ll squeeze out all the details, inside out in our aspiration to understand you. From speaking with your partners, team, stakeholders, and investors to each one of your employees. We’ll dive right into the nitty-gritty of your organization.
We’ll organize interviews, and meetings, or simply communicate with individuals working in your organization. As the strategy to better understand your brand’s requirements and come up with unique tailored marketing solutions.


Internal Brand

In general, internal branding is a strategy that enables and motivates employees to make their brand’s promises their own. Remember, brands grow from the inside out and contribute extensively to increased sales. Another point to note is that if the employees know about your brand, they’ll be able to perform similarly to achieve better results.
The healthcare industry is investing more into marketing strategies to expand its reach and get its message across to more patients. The core reason behind this dependency on branding is to gain patronage and serve those seeking medical assistance. However, the problem that arises as a consequence is that after the medical establishments successfully gain traction, it is not followed by the provision of efficient services to the patients. To curtail this problem, a key area that isn’t given much importance but allows for a better-quality patient experience is internal branding. MDS makes productive internal branding efforts that serve to improve the overall culture of medical organizations and ensures that patients are catered to sincerely.


Brand Purpose

What drives customers to opt for a brand is the idea that a brand represents and whether it fulfils their objectives and expectations. The purpose of the idea is to go beyond simply about a favorable proposition put forth by the company as the purpose of their idea goes beyond this concept. In the healthcare marketing world, there is a Big Energizing Idea. The idea is essentially an overarching snapshot that underscores subordinate ideas that campaigns of medical facilities should entail. MDS helps you find that purpose- that Big Idea- which transcends beyond a specific category and can be presented in a larger-than-life light. The way it works is that patients who identify with the purpose of you brand will avail your services based on this.
MDS endorses innovative and unique ideas that are created from scratch, so the target patients are drawn to the campaign. These marketing efforts are what eventually determine the success of your strategies.


Vision and Mission

All healthcare facilities are driven by a mission and a vision and they both lie at the foundation upon which the organization is based. Overall, the medical establishments have one leading objective. That is catering to the patients through the provision of efficient services and facilities. Now, in an industry where various businesses are striving to accomplish a shared goal. It is the vision and mission statements that set you apart from your competitors. The preciseness and quality of your statement matter as this brief description of your goals must project you as the most ideal organization.


Brand Values

It is of utmost importance that organizations communicate what they stand for and convey their brand values. These values serve as the moral compass which lies at the core of every decision you make, every campaign you create, every operation you run and every service you offer.
In healthcare sector, there will be times when you will be left in a conundrum and find yourself unable to make an affirmative decision. When crisis like this strikes, it is helpful to trace back to the values that your organization was always meant to embody. Doing so, will remind you of your purpose. It could be maintaining credibility and integrity when handling patients, striving bringing ease into their lives, running transparent operations or authentically expanding your reach.
These brand values must set in alignment with the vision and mission statement of your healthcare organization.


Brand Positioning

When you get in touch with MDS, we assess how you are positioned in the medical industry so we can focus on outlining strategies which improve your reach and credibility in the healthcare field.
It will be an understatement to say that brand positioning is an easy process. It is perhaps one of the most essential factors that form the roots of your organization. MDS is all about researching the details on your services, coming up with interesting ways to market them and interacting with the target audience through right brand positioning.
This process of assessment paves the way for better engagement with prospective patients and stakes out the territory you want your organization to rule over in the industry. The correct positioning will serve as a compass that will direct you towards crafting strategies which guarantee a concrete bran-audience relationship. The criteria at MDS for creating a brand positioning statement includes the following:


Audience Analysis

The main objective of any branding strategy is quite simple, is to position yourself as the best choice in the mind of your target audience. However, this requires a process of deep introspection. You need to first understand the demands of the audience and in order to cater to those, you need to have a personal equation with them. You must be acutely aware of the fact that there are various options available, so there must be something special about your services that drives them to opt for you.
At MDS, our audience analysis process helps us create a more consumer-driven marketing strategy that will ensure we’re taking into account not just what potential customers are saying about your service or product, but your overall market. Once we’ve established our audience analysis framework, we work effortlessly to put you in the right position to be able to establish your core customer personas, and to build them along each stage of your buyer’s journey


Competitive Analysis

There is cutthroat competition prevalent in the healthcare industry today as more and more organizations are stepping into the game. Thus, in this day and age, competitive activity in the marketplace is a vital consideration that MDS weighs when creating our clients’ branding plans.
Over time when everyone is getting more active and stepping up their marketing game, you have to find that element which sets you apart from your competitors. The cornerstone of success is how different you are from organizations running in the industry alongside you. Patients need to be wholly convinced with your marketing strategy and that can only happen if you tell them how you have an edge over other medical facilities.
MDS helps you find that creative edge that you may not have realized before and helps you reflect on that so you can market yourselves better.


Perform a Positioning Map

MDS will help you develop a brand positioning map, which is perceptual map that visually plots brands against axes, where each axis represents an attribute that is known to drive brand selection. Through this map, you’ll be armed with valuable key insights.

  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses relative to competing brands along certain criteria important to the customer.
  • Identifying the competitive advantage for the brand
  • Identifying Market Opportunities
  • Unlocking insights about your competitors and industry.
  • Communicating where the brand is headed.
  • Confirming the alignment with your business and brand strategy.

The features used in the map come directly from the values your customers hold dear. By placing your healthcare brand and your competitors on the map, you’ll see who’s more competitive in a certain area over the rest. The perception of your product or service is connected directly to those values. Healthcare brands that focus on shared values win.


Define your Differentiator

Your differentiator forms the basis of your positioning strategy. Our process aims to distinguish your product or service, from other similar products, offered by the competitors in the market. A well-executed differentiation strategy is an opportunity for your healthcare business to stand out in a saturated marketplace and convince potential customers or clients to buy from you, rather than engaging competitors.
At MDS, we work hard to develop your differentiation strategy that is focused on elevating the presence of your healthcare business within a marketplace and highlighting the factors that make it different from similar competitors. The most important factor we consider when assembling your differentiation strategy is whether or not the differentiators you choose to highlight delivers value to your potential customers.
It’s important how we highlight the fact that your healthcare brand delivers greater value and higher quality than your competitors through the unique customer experiences your business delivers, the visual identity presented within your branding, and the exceptional features that your products or services provide.


Positioning statement

The brand positioning statement is essentially an internal statement established for the sole purpose of guiding and leading the brand forward. It’s devised to identify your target audience and paint a compelling picture of how you want them to perceive your healthcare business.
Put simply, it explains how your product, service, or brand fills your customers’ needs better than competitors. It communicates the big idea you want to own in their minds, and it articulates your key differentiators in the healthcare market.
It directs your communication, strategic plans, digital marketing, advertising, and even brand development. Executed well, it’s a way to shape existing and potential customers’ perception of your healthcare brand, and secure competitive advantage.
By outlining who you are, what you offer, who you serve, and why you’re different — your healthcare business can clearly tell both customers and your internal team what to expect from your brand.
A clear brand direction for your healthcare business also sends messages to your internal team. It helps new employees align with the brand’s vision, mission, and goals. And it also helps current team members stay on the right track and continue to deliver on your brand’s promises.
With a strong brand positioning in place for your healthcare business, you’ll attract more customers, make your marketing more effective, and ultimately grow your business.


Brand Expression

We discussed that your brand is like a person and branding gives it a personality to showcase the world. And similar to a personality, it needs to express it’s true nature to the world! This is where brand expression comes in the frame. The physical outlook of who you are should be shown to the world. After all, this is what your brand is all about. Let’s highlight different elements which can help business owners to create a brand expression to take businesses to the next level.

  • Adding colour to your brand, which can not only reflect values, but depict the voice of your brand completely.
  • Unearthing the true potential graphics and animations to enhance your visual identity.
  • Craft content tone, which can reflect to the personality of your brand.

With these aspects in mind, your branding procedures could potentially skyrocket. Remember, good branding is all about visual representation, and if you can capitalize on that, then, you can take your business to extreme heights. But what makes brand expression important? Let’s find out

  • Brand Expression is your Ticket to Communication: Keep in mind that your brand should speak to the audience! And the best part is that there are no rules! All you have to do is be open about your services and you’re good to go!
  • Establishing an Emotional Link: Your visual choices can help you make emotional impressions, which can be aligned with your brand’s personality to achieve better results. Remember, the social media landscape today is all about animation and videos. So, with proper branding, you can tell your business’s story to the world.
  • Brand Consistency: The key to maximizing brand outcomes is to be consistent. Inconsistency can leave an impression of inauthenticity in the minds of your audience.



Brand personality comprises your business’s characteristics and experience gained to perfectly align its strategies for maximum results. Let’s not forget that you want your brand experience to resonate with your target audience.

With a strong brand personality, you can also understand your clients’ demands and adjust your strategies accordingly. You may not realize the power of personality that your organization has but it’s important to shed light upon it, especially in marketing.

The ability to propose a facet of your company’s personality is one of the greatest fortes of marketing. By creating an organized technique across all networks, you can give patients a lasting and powerful image of the delightful experience they can have if they avail of your services.


Brand Voice

The voice of the brand is determined by the kind of tonality you use and the words you select to precisely represent your message. This suggests that it isn’t solely important to convey your message. This refers to not only what your organization says, but the manner in which you say it. E.g. which words, how they sound, their arrangement. The tone of voice is an expression of your company’s values and ways of thinking. As well as your customers – so you speak to them and not at them or past them. It informs all of your written copy and is observed in every piece of content you deliver, including website, packaging, social media messages, emails, etc. Tone of voice also expresses the people behind your brand, sets you apart from others and builds familiarity and trust.


Verbal Expression

Visual identity isn’t the only branding activity required for your business. In fact, their visual works exceptionally well with effective verbiage! Remember, you want to deliver your brand’s message to your clientele. in order to do that, you must not only ensure that your marketing messages are on point. But you must connect them with your visual identity.
However, to create a verbal expression that peaks that of other businesses, let us highlight a few tips for you.

  • Opening Up: Let’s be honest, verbal identity are often forgotten, so you need to lavish it up to embed it in your audience’s minds. On top of that, it needs to be perfectly aligned with your visual identity.
  • Storytelling: your brand’s voice should perfectly depict your business’s story to the world. From creating the perfect brand name to delivering a brand’s voice that stands out, your verbal expression can be just the catalyst to maximize your business outcomes.
  • Voice vs. Tone: Voice is simply a verbal expression of your brand’s personality. On the other hand, the tone of your brand should be levelled down to make your audience understand your brand’s true message.

At MDS, we understand our role when assisting you with healthcare marketing. This is because we prioritize our clients and invest in executing their goals and aspirations. We can only carry out successful marketing strategies if we properly convey our message. As marketers, we help bridge the communication gap between your medical organization and patients. That’s by sending out a thought-provoking message that represents your brand.
If the core meaning of the message is hard to decipher, it will disservice to your target audience. MDS helps you convey ideas and thought in a formal yet uncomplicated manner.



One of the creative ways to set your organization apart from other is crafting a message which underscores how you stand out as a healthcare organization.
The message can be structured in a fashion that sheds light on the crucial aspects that help strengthen your position in the industry and convinces patients of the quality of your services. Henceforth, you must ensure that a strategic message is being delivered at various intervals to keep consumers updated with your facilities and services. This solidifies the relationship between brand and the audience as the former makes persistent efforts to communicate with the latter.
Messaging is that tool which clearly presents the nature of your brand to your prospective audience and gives them an insight to what your overall services. This is your opportunity to tell your target audience why they should opt for you over other organizations, so you use it wisely!


Brand Story

You need to find the root cause which eventually led to the formation of your healthcare facility. Look beyond the monetary and superficial reasons. Think emotionally. Once you arrive at the underlying motivation that drove you to serve patients, MDS helps you create a compelling story. We build a narrative that can help patients relate to the story and form an emotional connection with your medical organization. If you take into account any company- regardless of its size and reach- will have a successful brand story.
This story isn’t curated to stimulate advertising campaigns. But the very foundation which drives your establishment to success. There are additional benefits of the brand story. First, it gives encouragement to the staff members. Second, it creates strong emotional ties with the patients. Finally, it gives a general idea about how the campaign can be led forward.


Brand Naming

Changing your brand name is a risky and huge great undertaking. When done well, a new name can pave the way for stronger connections and results for a healthcare organization. The brand naming work at MDS includes naming new organizations, products, and services. As well as rebranding various facilities across the health and wellness landscape. However, there’s more to naming success than finding the right name. It requires setting the stage for success with the right meticulousness. Then introduce it with the right focus, techniques, and skill set. That’s important to build commitment and cohesiveness among internal teams and significant external stakeholders.
Your brand’s name is another important element to drive your business towards success. But you have to remember to be creative, yet simple. After all, you want to make sure that your audience remember it all the time! Your brand’s name not only describes your business in one or two words, but it also showcases how it is different from the rest of the lot! So, take your time in creating your brand’s name, because you might want to make sure that it stays for a long time.


Visual Identity

The visual identity can be an infusion of a strong message and heartfelt emotion. It’s all about expressing your brand in the most creative way possible. From animation to using intense graphics, your visual identity is what separates your business from the rest. The reason why your visual identity is essential is because of the following reasons:

  • Creating an emotional impression for the viewers
  • Informing users about your brand
  • Unifying different aspects of business in the rightest way possible.

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Digital Branding

Digital branding and digital marketing work in tandem to maximize business outcomes. Let’s look at it this way, marketing focuses pushing products or services on the digital forefront, while branding highlights the values of the company. Branding will remain in place long after the product is gone! A strong digital brand experience will improve your communication with the client. So that your audience know what you present as an organization. For instance, here at MDS, we ensure that your digital presence stands above the rest!

So, join hands now and we’ll take your healthcare business to the next level!
It is imperative that you leave your mark in the mind of patients through a strong visual digital presence. In the healthcare field, a good website is one that has such a strong visual impact, that it compels patients to avail of your services. MDS helps you establish your own creative place on the internet by ensuring that all advertising techniques focus on presenting information in a visually appealing fashion. This will potentially bolster your presence on the different mediums on social media

Visual Expression

The number of healthcare facilities, utilizing marketing strategies and employing digital mediums to put themselves out there, is growing by the day. When it comes to visual expression especially, you better be doing good because in case you’re not, it’s likely that someone else will. The statistics put forth by Social Media Examiner corroborate that the future is going to be heavily focused on visual marketing.
MDS ensures that it advertises your organization through images that are interesting. It can be easily shared, and provoke thought, especially among the target audience. Otherwise, you will be left far, far behind in the healthcare advertising game.

Final Words

In the world of branding, there are various elements, each of which play a distinctive role in the marketing strategy of an organization. So, whether it is design, positioning or story-telling, these are all tools which facilitate you in executing an efficient branding strategy. MDS takes the responsibility of implementing the sort of branding techniques that will eventually account for the reason behind successful marketing of your medical organization. People will recall your brand and identify it due to the strategic development which will ultimately influence their buying decision.
The audience is smart today; they are acutely aware of how the branding world works. So, the idea isn’t to present them with a curated image for the brand just for the sake of selling your services, but to actually market a meaningful message that fit into their lives.
Brands which lack a strategic structure in conveying the message of the brand will fail to gain traction for obvious reasons. Therefore, just simply advertising without planning how you will go by it, will get you little attention

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