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Facebook Marketing For The Healthcare Industry

All the hospitals ‘you’ve been to or heard of have an online presence on Facebook. ‘It’s not only the digital boom that should be thanked but also people driving healthcare brands to better places to connect with their patients efficiently.

41% of people say that social media affects their choice of a specific doctor or hospital.

Believe it or not, but Facebook is a blessing in disguise for all the healthcare industries. If you are looking to spend less with a better return on investment than the traditional marketing methods, then Facebook advertising is perhaps the best tool you have available. Healthcare Insight, in its State of Healthcare Content Marketing Report 2017, states that around 75% of healthcare marketers use social media advertisement.

2 out of 4 people have a Facebook account, and ‘that’s a lot of patients – think about the possibilities and connections.

2.6 billion people are using Facebook each month. Imagine the incredible opportunities as a healthcare specialist to reach new heights. Facebook is like a dream come true for someone who is looking for a large audience.

Why is Facebook The Preferred Method of Marketing for The Healthcare Industry?

There are around 200 social networking websites, and some people would not even recognize the name of 190 of them. Fortunately for you, it is the shortlist of recognizable social media sites that are important to healthcare marketing.

Facebook, the undisputed leader of the social media pack, has around 700 million registered monthly users. Yes, it’s amazing but more important than its size. Facebook is becoming a primary resource for individuals looking for healthcare information and assistance.

How Can Facebook Advertising Empower Your Healthcare Brand

In this digitally advanced era, there are more ways surfacing through which you can expand your healthcare practice. However, if your medical facility is not making optimum use of the powerful social media channels, then you will fall behind in the race where all your fellow competitors are running.

Facebook advertising can do wonders for your medical practice. It’s not simply a leading social media channel that gives you the provision of full-fledged marketing. But it’s the largest advertising platform for organizations as well. You have the opportunity to use Facebook as your primary source of marketing, and boost patient retention. Moreover, convert more users into patients, given you implement the right promotional strategies.

In a growingly competitive industry, all medical centers are stepping up their marketing game. And you will need help at some point or the other.

If you want to boost your marketing campaigns on Facebook, contact us at MDS. As we’re a proficient agency which will help you achieve your advertising goals. So, be prepared and ready to take the next big step for your social media ad campaign. Do not spare any more time and get in touch with our firm!

Here are some more reasons to consider Facebook advertising for your healthcare work

When you come to think of it, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms. It is also recommended by most marketing companies if you wish to optimize for budget and time allocations.
Facebook builds loyalty, enhances brand reputation, drives traffic, and gives you a platform to interact with your followers. For most professions, a Facebook page that is correctly and adequately presented produces patients, prospects, and referrals

Facebook reaches out to 60% of all internet users globally.
Facebook reaches out to 60% of all internet users globally.
An average Facebook user spends 58.5 minutes on Facebook.
According to the Pew Research Centre, other than YouTube, FB is still one of the most visited social media platforms among adults.
According to the information put forth by Statista, by 2021, 3.1 billion more active users will be on social media channels.
93% of Facebook ad revenue is generated from mobile users. Just 6% of advertising revenue is generated from desktop users.
74% of FB users belong to the high-income bracket. Facebook is a go-to social media network, surpassing LinkedIn, for high-income users.
Social Media Today reported that videos that are posted on Facebook reach a wider audience- excelling with the huge difference of 135% - as compared to the image posts.
A recent study as Mediabistro claims 54% of patients feel content depending on the online community to seek medical aid and use their advise to improve their health conditions.
DemandMetric has reported that Facebook is beneficial overall; not only does it pave the way for good leads 3 times more than other marketing forefronts but it also costs 62% less.
The chronology of most frequently used to least used social media channel is in this form: Facebook at 68% (the most used site), followed by Instagram at 28%, then Pinterest at 26%, LinkedIn at 25% & Twitter at 21%.
HealthCare Finance News has reported that 9% of those who responded to the poll expected that doctors will respond to them in a few hours after they have reached out to them via social media channels.
The way the masses assess facilities is by looking up their online reviews on social media and this is corroborated by the statistics- 94% patients engage in this activity. The online assessment gives patients an overview of how your organization works.
It is expected that for the first time in this year 2021, healthcare marketing will surpass the TV ads we see about healthcare facilities. Zenith Media asserts that when this point in time comes, healthcare digital marketing will account for 46% of all healthcare ad spend.
The statistics further reveal that 84% of patients place strong faith in the reviews of other patients on the same level as personal recommendations. Thus, if you have a concrete review management technique, then it can be resourceful in drawing patients’ attention.
The data acquired by SnapApp suggests that there are two integral content advertising techniques: blogging- 65% and social media- 64%. Meaning: Your medical facility must place focus on utilizing social media as a leading medium of your healthcare marketing strategy.
Mediabistro has reported that over 40% of the patients have been strongly influenced by the information that they acquired through social media platforms. They take recommendations online and deal with their health concerns based on those recommendations.
HealthCare Finance News with the evidence of statistics (40%) have stated that people take the suggestions regarding health and fitness, diet plans and chronic illnesses very seriously. It helps them cope with their health issues knowing that someone has been in their place and that they can benefit from their piece of advice.
Fluency Media says that 30% of adults are inclined to post about their health-related concerns, queries or recommendations online to assist other patients in the same position as them. They also share this personal information with doctors (47%), medical organizations (43%), health insurance firms (38%) and drug companies (3%).
Health Care Communication has found out that 60% of medical professionals engage with their peers and colleagues in the industry. They are fond of discussing and sharing information on medical-related topics like advancements in the healthcare field, new discoveries or perhaps solutions to concerning diseases.

Facebook in Focus

Every healthcare brand’s purpose is to help cater to individuals with authentic health-related information that they provide only. Social media, especially Facebook, is a medium where individuals consume content every day. Also, ensure they don’t miss out on communications at the right time with the right people through the right platform.

The Anatomy of Facebook Ads

Believe it or not, a Facebook ad can overcome an advertisement’s limitations in the print medium. You can tailor your ad format in multiple ways to get to your people. Through Facebook, you can pack your brand’s appeal to individuals. Moreover, advertise your healthcare brand through images, videos, posters, and FAQ(s) in one go.
Through Facebook posts, you can plug in the hospital website or the doctor’s website URL. This leads to your potential patients. Facebook ads come with a list of Call-To-Action buttons, and enough choices to select what’s relevant to the offer. Options include; Sign up. Download, Contact us, and much more.

Ready to stand out from your competition, create brand credibility. awareness, loyalty and trust all at the same time

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How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Facebook advertising works the same way as the PPC model. That means you’ll only be charged every time users click on the ads. Before you kickstart your campaign, ensure that you clearly define what you are advertising. And also what your purpose is to achieve. Facebook has it all, from increasing traffic to generating new leads to your website.

All the campaign ads on Facebook run through the ad manager as well. Thus, they access through a direct link.Or just by clicking the “Manage Ads” button from the account menu. You can have access to metrics that let you customize your target audience. There are multiple types of Facebook ads that you can choose from, such as:

  • Video Images
  • Image Ads
  • Video Poll Ads
  • Slideshow Ads
  • Playable Ads
  • Messenger ads
  • Story Ads or
  • Stories Augmented Reality Ads

These ads can show up on Facebook Newsfeed on desktops and cell phones.

Healthcare Facebook Marketing: The MDS Benefit

Why should any medical center opt for MDS to run an advertising campaign on Facebook?
The following are the benefits of connecting with us!

Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

MDS is a full-service marketing agency. We guarantee you result-oriented strategies on Facebook marketing that will help your ads reach a wider audience. We are able to make this happen. Because of the expertise of our team at MDS who have carved a name for themselves in the copywriting world. We also have ad designers and other social media specialists. They have enough knowledge that will drive your campaign towards ultimate success.

Hyper-Focused Audience Targeting

It’s crucial that a marketing agency is aware of the Facebook targeting tools. They will improve the conversion rates for your healthcare facility. We will take care of turning your ‘likes’ into potential leads. As we’re well-versed in the practices that can make this happen.

Ad Development

One of the most important factors which directly impact the outcome of your campaign is the quality of the ads. If you’re in association with MDS, we ensure that our team leaves no stone unturned. That’s in providing you with original and innovative Facebook Ad copies, captions, and headlines. To make the content stand out, we make use of graphic illustrations and pictures as well!

Optimization of Ads

Our initial step is to launch a few ads and closely examine the response they end up garnering. Over time, we will familiarize ourselves with contemporary trends. And also generate more ads that are in alignment with them. We will then measure the overall performance of each ad separately. The very last step is to evaluate the information we have gathered so far. Accordingly, alter some elements of the campaign in order to generate better leads and boost ROI.

Complete Evaluation Monitoring and Efficient Reporting

Think of it this way: you already have your eyes set on your advertising campaign, but you have the opportunity to focus on other tasks while we take care of monitoring the campaign. Sounds feasible right? And you don’t even have to worry about not being at the top your campaign because at every step we will provide you detailed reports so you’re in the loop.

Beyond Facebook Ads

We deliver more than just marketing techniques for Facebook. We offer an all-encompassing suite of marketing services. If you’re seeking advertising solutions for mediums other than Facebook, we will be more than happy to comply to your demands.

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