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Instagram Healthcare Marketing

One of the leading obstacles when operating a new communication mode is acquainting yourself with its technical components. Fortunately for everyone, Instagram is one such app that is exceptionally user-friendly. The pictorial stimuli have helped various industries put forward their message in a fashion that people are receptive to.

This claim can be corroborated statistically through a study that reveals how 60% of the micro-influencers endorse they have highest audience engagement levels on Instagram, surpassing their activity levels on Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. Medical industries should thus partake in this form of online engagement.

Importance of Using Instagram in

Promoting Healthcare Sector

It is uncontested that initially, healthcare professionals were not as embracive of social media or technologically savvy to navigate apps with ease. However, the medical industry, gradually at a pace of its own, is deploying social media as a medium to reach out to the public.
This web page aims to reflect on the advantageous outcomes of using Instagram and how Medical Digital Solutions can strategize through this platform to put across engaging medical content and gain traction.

Community Engagement

It is required for Healthcare organizations to have a strong understanding of the social media demographics, so they are connected to the right audience.
There are private groups on Instagram that are made for the sole purpose of sparking association amongst those suffering from a common illness. Thus, the healthcare sector can communicate digitally with such groups and remove the stigma against patients diagnosed with morbid conditions.

Publishing Informative Content and Raising Awareness

In this day and age where there are many forms of media, social media is a leading tool that most people have access to, out of which Instagram stands as one of the most popular and used applications. Keeping that in mind, healthcare facilities should prioritize representing their organization there, raise public awareness about illnesses that many are not familiar with, and cater to queries that people have regarding their health concerns.
It is a simple task because you can address medical concerns that your followers ask on Instagram. You can encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle through a single Instagram post by writing a motivating and informative caption.

Public Health Monitoring

The healthcare sector can benefit from public health monitoring because we live in a world where people post personal details on social media, including their health. Using specific hashtags like #fever, #flu, and more terms under the umbrella of words commonly used by people to express their medical condition can reveal when diseases are emerging in new locations. Public health organizations are further able to gauge the acuteness of symptoms and can accordingly take action.
The more aware healthcare sectors are about the public’s medical concerns, the more relevant help they can digitally provide. Social media has opened doors to easy accessibility of information at people’s disposal which should be enough incentive for healthcare facilities to target this platform and engage.

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How Can MDS Use Instagram and Help Users Through the App?

Being a healthcare facility, MDS should incorporate Instagram into their marketing plan to draw potential users seeking medical advice. MDS can help you in using Instagram for broadcasting educational content to keep their followers informed, tell their patients’ success stories and familiarize the audience with their physicians and the rest of the medical staff.
It can also promote events where the public is encouraged to raise funds and contribute to expensive treatments undertaken by the underprivileged members in society. MDS can help the general masses by curating an Instagram feed whereby the expert doctors answer commonly asked questions, provide procedural information to educate patients. Lastly, it can also make users aware of the new services, facilities, and equipment, giving them a slice of life inside the organization.

Connecting with Patients and Building a Community

MDS will help your healthcare organization post informative content over Instagram that drags the attention of your target audience. When there is a drive to build a strong physician-patient relationship. It reassures the public that they are cared for. The purpose of posting medical content is vital but to go the extra mile. And build a personal rapport with all those engaging is just as necessary.
This extensively used platform facilitates companies to spark meaningful discourse and conversations previously not given much precedence. Connecting with patients brings an element of humanizing the organization and forming a personal relationship with the users. Building a sense of a close-knit community helps achieve one of the long-term goals of healthcare facilities. That is gaining loyal followers who routinely follow the Instagram updates on their page.

Crisis Communication

Healthcare professionals at MDS can further assist Instagram users in times of crisis. Similar to the one we are experiencing at this point, in the form of a global pandemic. Today, it is rare that someone’s source of information is a newspaper or radio instead of social media. Since most people turn to their apps to get daily updates, MDS must share breaking information on such platforms.

COVID-19 serves as an apt example of a news flash of the year about which everyone wants the latest updates, instructions, and information. MDS must take the lead in this scenario, and help people who look up updates every day in the hopes of having a better understanding of the complexities of the virus, learning ways to prevent themselves from contracting it, and the instructions to follow in case they end up it.

Medical health officers have appropriately used social media and have helped people mentally calm down through this effective healthcare communication. It can be concluded that when large medical centers and corporations, like MDS, use Instagram to spread important information, it is beneficial for them to remain updated with the status of ongoing health concerns.

How Our Services Shed Light on Your Instagram Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Video Marketing

Video marketing is an advertising strategy that is commonly employed by organizations in all sorts of diverse industries. Of course, healthcare isn’t an exception. Through this medium, healthcare professionals have the opportunity to authentically engage with patients and guide them through the healthier ways of leading life. Video like patients testimonials, physicians’ profiles, the ones which explain medical procedures and more, all establish that your organization is humanized and wants to personally interact with potential patients. Learn more about how MDS can revolutionize your brand by getting in touch with us quickly!

Medical Graphic Design

Your organization is the lifeblood of your dream and MDS helps you materialize that vision into a reality. We can help you in each and every sphere- whether it is completely remodeling the face of your entity or beginning the process of marketing- we’ve got you all covered! Our experts carry a vision similar to yours and facilitate your organization by branding it across all social media platforms. Find out how MDS can facilitate you in this aspect with our abled team of expert graphic designers that can craft your platform in the most engaging way possible.

Healthcare Branding Services

Your branding services must be your topmost priority as they give your organization its due reputation and style. Your healthcare organization is not just a reflection of your top-quality services but an amalgamation of your vision, mission and core values that shape its credibility. At MDS, we take these perspectives and mold it into a branding technique that compels patients to avail your services. Contact us this instant to help you in this regard and help you expand your reach over digital forefront.

Healthcare Social Media Management

Social media has changed the way both parties- healthcare professionals and prospective patients- connect with each other. MDS helps your business by encouraging an interaction amongst your past, existing and potential patients through social media. We put out meaningful and relevant content that sparks healthy debates and conversations, boosts endorsements and establishes cohesion through social media channels. Read more about our services by clicking on the following link!

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MDS will help you transform your vision into reality and achieve the ROI your marketing department is looking for.

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Learn About the Following FAQs regarding Social Media

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is an umbrella term that covers all the online platforms and channels like websites and applications which can be used as a tool to market your business, product, and services. Different social media apps are used for different purposes.

For example, Twitter is a networking site used to convey brief messages, engage with others in discourse and share media links. Whereas Facebook is designed in a way where you can freely share images, and videos, make groups and events and inform others about your business by creating a brand page that shows up on others’ newsfeeds.

You can really drive customer engagement here. Because social media entails posting images and video updates that draw their attention. Effective marketing on social media can bring incredible success to your company. Besides generating loyal brand advocates as well as propelling leads and sales.

What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the process of analyzing social media users and acquiring a specifically tailored technique that appeals to their taste. The idea here is to make and disseminate content for social media profiles, monitor online discussions, collaborate with influencers, and examine, measure, and report on social media performance along with ROI. These are all measures that were previously disregarded by firms but have eventually become leading marketing strategies adopted by companies. This is because social media provides great monetary incentive given that you utilize your social media channels in an efficient and systematic fashion.

What is social media advertising?

Social media advertising stands out as the most result-oriented strategy as it has proven to bring in consistent sales from the get-go. Social media advertising are advertisements that come up on social media pages, so your brand reaches a wider audience on the digital horizon. The way it works is that social media networks analyze people’s activities on the sites they visit in order to present them with extremely relevant information as per their interest. They get advertisements based on what they usually look up on these platforms. In multiple cases, when target audience is in alignment with the user demographics of a social media channel, social advertising can convert them into real-time customers and boost sales.

What are the Elements included in Social Media Marketing?

Over time, it is expected that social media marketing will take over other forms of advertising techniques for being the most efficient, user-friendly and accessible. Irrespective of whether you’re new to employing social media for marketing purposes or have been in the game for a while, there is always room for improvement. The only way to continuously excel in this aspect is by carefully addressing all the elements in social media marketing and targeting each of them to improve your strategy. These include:

1. Creating an Audience Persona
The fundamental key for effective social media marketing lies in communicating with a particular audience through your social posts. Before you can accurately gauge of what your target audience is like, you’ll be required to create audience personas.
Audience personas are an insightful examination of your target audiences’ demographics along with their pursuits, apprehensions, needs, activities and behaviors.

2. Setting Goals and Aims
One you have clarity in terms of preferences and behaviors of your target audience, you need to get on to the next step which is preparing the short and long-term goals you seek to derive through social media marketing efforts. It shall reflect what you precisely want to accomplish with your marketing strategy.

3. Budgeting
An important element that needs to be considered is the amount of budget you can possibly allocate to social media marketing. Determining an estimated figure will give you clarity on how much you can spend on marketing and smoothen the process from then onwards.
These elements are a gist of the elements which further include team building, extensive research, choosing the right platforms to engage with your audience, generating visual, emotional and useful content and tracking analytics.
Our objective is straightforward – take your social media platforms to greater heights through sheer consistency, innovation, and brilliance! Want to know how we make magic happen? Read below!

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