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How Does LinkedIn Marketing Benefit Healthcare Professionals?

Over the years, we at Medical Digital Solutions, have established that we are well-versed in all aspects that the LinkedIn marketing process entails. Therefore, if you’re a healthcare organization seeking the provision of marketing services or solutions that can stimulate interaction between your business and prospects, MDS is here at your disposal! Our methodology for executing the marketing strategy is based on two fundamental factors: your organization’s objectives and the target audience.
We aspire to develop and implement marketing strategies geared toward attracting new and existing patients regarding their healthcare concerns. MDS ensures that these advertising techniques are executed with perfection so your medical organization gains its due reputation and credibility.

MDS acknowledges the importance of enhancing patient experience by creating unique content that benefits them. So, aside from the provision of top-notch medical services, you can give them an excellent experience with the availability of education resources, a user-friendly website, patient portals, and reviews simply by getting in touch with us!

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn is a social marketing platform that is consistently growing more common among organizations and professionals. In certain cases, it is single-handedly responsible for over 70% of leads from social media from businesses. The site is fixated on creating B2B networks. The way it works is simple.

You have to start off by making an account of yourself that contains details about your personal and professional background. Once you have properly set up your personal profile, the very next step is to get in touch with professionals in your field (case in point: healthcare sector) so you can make important connections and discuss medical information if needed.

From here on, LinkedIn will notify you regarding the updates of whosoever you connect with over the site. Additionally, it paves the way for your own personal updates to be visible to those who follow your account. Reportedly, 51% of healthcare facilities have successfully drawn the attention of prospective patients.

The statistics serve as concrete evidence indicating how lucrative LinkedIn has been in successfully advertising the services of hospitals. If one was to establish which site on social media has proven to be most beneficial for marketing and B2B lead generation, LinkedIn would definitely stand out as the frontrunner.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an online site that is extremely resourceful for marketing your company product and services. MDS recognizes the importance of this medium and markets your medical services for you just the way you want. In the healthcare field, multiple hospitals are utilizing LinkedIn as a tool to network with other professionals and gain traction among patients. This suggests that if your organization isn’t making use of this platform, then it’s surely missing out.

We can help you avail all the opportunities that come as a byproduct of advertising your organization over LinkedIn. It will even facilitate you in your future ventures as you can connect with healthcare professionals and grow your network of connections in general.

B2B Marketing

It is important to know how B2B and B2C marketing are two distinctive marketing phenomena. Since MDS LinkedIn marketing focuses on B2B, we target people in companies who have the authority to make purchase on behalf of the organization.
In B2B, the customers are more driven towards ROI, proficiency and competency.
The audience here is more geared towards ROI, efficiency and expertise. The purchase decisions are influenced by logic and financial goals.

LinkedIn - B2B Platform

MDS, with its innovative ideas to market your services, can help your organization grab the attention of potential patients. We generate original content that isn’t just unique but also of great value as it drives prospects to visit your site. MDS doesn’t simply help you identify potential leads but drives organic traffic, converting users into new patients.
LinkedIn functions as that avenue which lets you connect with patients, generate better leads, build credibility, gain insightful medical information and more. MDS utilizes the space for these benefits for your organization, driving it to ultimate success.

How MDS Can Help You with the Lead Generating Process?

Generating good leads is a taxing and time-consuming procedure which requires a certain skill set that our team at MDS has acquired. We can assist you in streamlining the following strategies:

  • Brush your networking skills and expanding your reach to a wider target audience and potential patients.
  • Find the patients through employing efficient tools for optimum ROI (for instance, Sales Navigator).
  • Make an effort to connect with those who engage with your profile frequently.
  • Send requests to relevant professionals in the healthcare field. These personalized invites express that you wish to link up with peers to discuss ideas and prospects.
  • Send out messages to your connection so as to maintain a level of engagement and to keep the spirit of meeting new prospects alive.
  • Share posts and various links of informative articles and papers to the professionals you connect with on the site.
  • Keep up with the interactions on the site routinely.
  • Update interesting information and important content as that establishes an equation between you and the recipients.
  • After forming a virtual relationship through your credibility, convert the audience to sales prospects.
  • Ensure that the process of engagement is consistent so at no point does the engagement levels drop.

Additional Steps MDS Takes to Ensure Good Leads:

  • We have the finest techniques to integrate CRM and optimize it without downplaying LinkedIn.
  • We can help convert your sales chats offline. We know the tools that can aptly trace your sales conversations online and get the best leads.
  • We offer you persistent encouragement and support when it comes to helping you find prospects. We help nurture your profile and increase the conversion rates.
  • We give rational advice on LinkedIn Software Solutions because it may be complicated for new users to navigate the software. We can guide you by telling you which tools to employ and which ones to ignore.

Ready to stand out from your competition, create brand credibility. awareness, loyalty and trust all at the same time

MDS will help you transform your vision into reality and achieve the ROI your marketing department is looking for.


Strategy Expertise of MDS

It has been well established that MDS helps you get an improved quality of leads when it comes to B2B marketing. We bear in mind that 93% B2B marketers claim that LinkedIn is a social platform that guarantees that your services are reaching out to masses across time and space. We utilize this medium for this very purpose and help you draw the attention of target audience.
The data we have corroborates that B2B marketers makes use of LinkedIn efficiently. However, there are still many businesses which are not aware of how to incorporate LinkedIn marketing strategy in a way that benefits a healthcare organization. MDS is here to curtail that problem as we ensure that this platform is effectively used to put out the services of your facility.

At MDS, we facilitate the clients that connect with us by speeding up their sales and drawing attention of prospects that are seeking professional assistance.
We use our prior experience to further strengthen our future marketing strategies for B2B marketing programs. We also do extensive researches on the competitors’ techniques, digital lead generation, and ways to create campaigns that can potentially lead your organization to inevitable success.
When using LinkedIn to market, there are two integral advertising techniques that we place most importance on: increasing the number of good leads along with attracting more and more patients.

How We Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

We cover all facets that the services of a medical marketing agency must ensure for its clients. Ranging from conception of inventive tactics to market your services to creation of great campaign ideas- we help you achieve all goals you have envisioned for your healthcare organization.

Researching, Listening and gaining insights.

It’s important to understand the core of LinkedIn and the ways you can make use of the site in its entirety so you can execute your marketing ideas the way you have envisioned. MDS acknowledges that the crux of social media advertising is efficient B2-B marketing.

So, it’s essentially the most feasible place whereby you can have others’ opinions, put forward your own, ask relevant queries and gain a deeper insight into medical information.

We use LinkedIn to search for contacts that would be beneficial for the growth of your facility by typing in keywords like your job title, role/position at the organization, the field of work, and other related terms.

We can guide you on how to join relevant groups as they open an avenue for you to debate or hold discussions that enrichen your views. When you have the perspective of other influencers belonging to your industry, you become inventive and think beyond a tunnel vision.

They also serve as important contacts. All of these factors eventually bring attention to your profile and eventually put your organization in the spotlight.

Build brand awareness and reputation online

MDS fully knows how to represent the services of your healthcare business. And also boost your online presence in ways you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. We help create awareness about your services and get in touch with potential prospects. And also target groups that need to connect with a medical organization.

We do this by posting important content that is of use to the masses and sharing relevant medical information. Besides interacting with your target audience by addressing all their queries. These are all effective ways of publicizing your facility.

we don’t leave any stone unturned in raising the profile of your brand. If you were to compare the costs incurred to implement these tactics versus the amount spent on conventional marketing methods, you will understand how cost-effective LinkedIn marketing is.

Thought Leadership

There are various ways through which you can showcase your potential as a leader in any specific domain. Using LinkedIn correctly and routinely can help you in this regard.
MDS assists you:

  • By posting great-quality content on its publishing tool.
  • Construct details of your personal account in a way that utilizes keyword searching.
  • Give relevant input in the groups on LinkedIn that are made to discuss medical information or answering queries of various members.

The LinkedIn network is a productive ground and a creative space for those who wish to contribute in the field of medicine. Healthcare facilities overall can benefit from newfound information and market themselves better.

Attracting Traffic Towards Your Business

Search Engine Optimization is one of the strengths of LinkedIn which helps generate traffic to your healthcare organization through specific keywords. When you post about medical-related content, it helps you reach a wider audience and drives traffic to your site.

This social sharing function that LinkedIn facilitates has been famed drastically over the years for being a lucrative and successful means of grabbing the attention of the target audience.

The site has developed into an accessible means of sharing information that gives you constant updates on the medical world. LinkedIn allows you to update your status every time there is an important piece of information you wish to share and that inadvertently helps you gain traction among the target audience.

Connect with new prospects through Sponsored InMail

On LinkedIn the Sponsored InMail is becoming a common advertising tactic that helps you engage with your potential prospects. The statistics reveal that rate of InMail response is three times more than usual business emails. It is obvious that prospects find it significantly more convenient to resort to LinkedIn Mail as opposed to a regular email. This suggests how successfully the way has been paved for digital lead generation tool in your B2B advertising campaigns.

Our MDS LinkedIn Marketing Services Include:


We employ tools to gauge the efficiency of every marketing campaign. These are data-tracking instruments which precisely locate where the campaign went right or went off track, thereby enhancing your techniques for future.

Audience Identification

MDS invests in your target audience and makes an active effort to identify and examine them. The purpose this serves is that it gives us an insight to your prospect customers and figure out ways we can feasibly reach out to those patients through LinkedIn.


We offer customized marketing strategies so they best suit your B2B demands when marketing your healthcare facility.


We keep a close check on the progress of your marketing campaigns and the online page of the medical organization. This constant monitoring helps us in addressing any problems that may arise from the prospects end, cater to their concerns and avail any opportunities.

Paid Ads

Paid Ads are of great value as they stimulate good leads and help in the formation of important connections. MDS eases the process for you by single-handedly taking charge of undertaking tasks that optimize the campaign.

Content Creation

We pre-plan posts for an entire week which consists of quality content and is meant to draw prospects attention. We ensure the content quality is not compromised under any circumstances because this is what ultimately engages the audience.

Come and Experience the World of LinkedIn Marketing and Expand your Horizons! Connect with us now and let us help you build an empire together!

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The evolving dynamics of LinkedIn B2B marketing

The dynamics within the healthcare world are constantly changing as each hospital is stepping up its advertising game to gain traction. The focal point has currently shifted to providing access to relevant information. Besides advertising details of your services for patients.
It is safe to assert that the healthcare industry growing competitive and vast industry. Where multiple hospital systems have come into the mix; you may struggle to make your own mark in this domain. It is a difficult task to be able to crave your own identity where there is cutthroat competition. Don’t Worry, this is exactly why MDS Is here to help you! We promise to help you increase patient retention and visibility on digital mediums. That’s through effective advertising on social media platforms.

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