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Social Media Marketing Packages

We at MDS have been in digital marketing for healthcare businesses for some time now. The best part about our services is that we’re not ready to stop! We want to see your business reach the heights of glory, which you rightly deserve!
As the first-choice social media marketing organization, today, we offer the best possible services to help you reach digital supremacy.

We aspire to be the number one digital marketing solution providers
We have a talented team of individuals with a total experience of over 30 years in the marketing industry!

Our plans include the following features

Dedicated Account Manager

We provide you with a dedicated account manager assigned to not only design your campaign; but plan out a digital strategy with a designated team to help you conquer the digital landscape!
Our account managers have all the experience in the world to take your digital landscape to the next level! And to stand above the rest! To put it specifically, they will become part of your business and will operate as your digital marketing partner towards your journey to digital success.

Social Media Auditing

By partnering with MDS, your social media platforms will receive a digital makeover; like you’ve never seen before! With a dedicated account manager assigned to your case, you will get well-informed auditing of your social media accounts. From Instagram, Facebook to the likes of Pinterest, we can completely revolutionize your digital landscape.
Our approach includes analyzing your business’s history and your platforms’ status, insights, and essential KPIs to help construct a well-organised and performance-driven strategy for your business.

Tailor-made Approach

In today’s business world, everything is catered according to the changing demands of the market. In other words, we don’t have a one-fit-all solution for every business. Instead, we build a keen understanding regarding your business and craft your social media landscape accordingly.
We at MDS, believe that our success is only gained by our client’s success, so with years of experience under our belt, we prepare growth strategies for you and your business, which can help you reach your respective market goals.

Analysing Your Brand’s Positioning

The positioning of your brand is essential if you wish to expand your horizons on the digital landscape. This is where MDS stands above the rest! By evaluating your brand’s position across different social media channels, we suggest the best possible methods to help you maximize your clients’ reach.

Monitoring Your Social Media Platforms

Everyone knows that people use social media virtually 24/7. Ever since smartphones came into the picture, social media movements have been off the charts. Since a whopping 91% of social media users access their accounts via mobile phones.

In retrospect, social media monitoring is the concept; by which marketers understand what’s happening in the digital market.

And with a plethora of tools at your disposal social media monitoring is as easy as it gets Here at MDS, we pay close attention to your brand by identifying, monitoring, and determining what the public has to say about your brand through different online and social channels.

This way, you can gather publicly available data and organize it in a way that best suits you. The MDS social monitoring tool can help you grow an online awareness for you as well.

You can keep yourself updated with what is being said about your company and reconnect with prospective customers using the same social channels.

Competitive Analysis

Monitoring your competition’s strategies is also part of preparing a results-driven digital marketing campaign. Your account manager will evaluate your competitor’s social media strategies and identify its loopholes and strengths. By acquiring relevant information, the manager will then alter your campaign accordingly.

Periodic Consultations

Whether it’s a weekly consultation package or a monthly one, your account manager will provide you details about your campaign virtually every day. The manager will also conduct meetings with your team members to ensure that you are on the same page for effective strategy building. So, by joining MDS, you can get a first-hand insight into your social media landscape’s performance.

AI Technology In Your Arsenal

Artificial Intelligence is here, and it’s here to stay! So, as businesses operating in today’s digital landscape, we should capitalize on it! Keep in mind that AI is being used for several medical advancements. So, as healthcare service providers, don’t you think you should make the most out of AI as well?

Here, at MDS, we have all the essential technological elements to help you reach social media supremacy. Apart from that, our technologists have also incorporated machine learning power, along with data-driven insights to make your campaign stand ahead of your competitors.

Effective Reporting

We at MDS believe that transparency is everything! In other words, we will provide you with the platform from which you can view your social media campaign. Your account manager will also provide you well-informed reports every month, which you can share with the company’s decision-makers for further assessments.

And So Much More….

MDS is not just a digital marketing agency; it’s a family of individuals who strive to achieve greatness. So, if you want to take your digital landscape to the next level; let MDS help you!
From developing social media calendars to monitoring the latest trends, account managers from MDS will help you reach digital supremacy through robust social media marketing!

Ready to stand out from your competition, create brand credibility. awareness, loyalty and trust all at the same time

MDS will help you transform your vision into reality and achieve the ROI your marketing department is looking for.

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Want To Know How We Take Your Social Media To The Heights Of Glory? Let’s Find Out!

Engaging Images To The Rescue

Images are important aspects of digital marketing strategies! In fact, it is researched that content with images receives 94% more views than text-only content.
With experienced graphic designers and social media experts in our team, we prepare images for every feature. Be it Instagram posts, infographics for LinkedIn, or pictures for emails, we prepare them all!

Video Content

Videos are the most significant piece of content in today’s digital landscape. Not to mention that video search engines like YouTube are the second largest search engine in action today! So, if you’re not capitalizing on video content, then you’re missing out – big time!
We at MDS take trends quite seriously! From utilizing your stock of videos to producing animation to conduct marketing, we take your social media landscape to the next level!

Blog/Article Writing

Blogs and articles are one of the most time-consuming and results-focused content strategies used today! Another point to note is that it helps you lay a strong SEO-based foundation for the brand’s betterment!
We at MDS will help you create engaging content in the form of blogs and articles so that you can achieve brand supremacy in no time!


The key to achieving social media marketing glory is you have to be consistent! In other words, if your social media posts aren’t regular, then your reach will gradually minimize!
At MDS, we run all your posts consistently, so you’re at the top of your game on your social media platforms!

Social Media Advertising

From generating results-driven paid campaigns to improving conversion rate optimisation; we, at MDS, can take your healthcare organization’s brand value to the next level!
At MDS, we believe that your success is our success, and we want to invest everything in taking you towards digital supremacy!

Reporting and Analytics

Finally, we prepare monthly and yearly reports for you to keep you informed every step of the way! Remember, you want to build a community and brand – and we at MDS are here to help you achieve them!

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Working With MDS

We at MDS provide a plethora of digital marketing services, which can help you build a robust digital landscape. With our digital marketing specialist assigned directly for your business, they will conduct all necessary operations to effectively maximize results.

Apart from that, our experienced and talented specialist will study your business and align digital strategies accordingly. Remember, we want you to expand your horizons on the digital forefront, so the best way to do it is through digital marketing.

So, let us enlighten you with our core services.

  • Develop, execute, monitor, and enhance your digital marketing campaigns by incorporating results-driven procedures.
  • Analyse present results and eradicate loopholes from them to enhance your future strategies significantly.
  • Execute the right analytics processes to convert marketing strategies into leads, leading to sales.
  • Measure and report the impact of paid marketing campaigns to ensure that you achieve results as soon as possible!

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