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Twitter Marketing Services in Healthcare Industry

We are likely to find more innovation happening in the digital realm than in any other just by looking at the statistic. To put it simply, digital advancements are on their way to taking over our world.

Even more so, fields like Healthcare are expanding their outreach. That’s by utilizing digital tools and techniques in all the new ways possible. Using social media platforms and online tools do nothing. It only increases medical experts’ efficiency, the healthcare industry has evolved over time.

At MDS, we aspire to focus on social media platforms, utilizing the benefits they provide one at a time. Our goal is simple: We want to bring in advanced tools. In order to help the healthcare industry efficiently manage its services.

Among such tools, we believe Twitter, can benefit brands, businesses, and industries. It can also help them achieve robust returns on their services.

Let’s find out how using Twitter provides you with incredible results. Especially, when you’re in any way associated with the healthcare industry.

Why Should You Use Twitter For Your Healthcare Business?

Twitter has around 326 million active users. By looking at the statistics, that’s quite a huge number. With Twitter’s strategies, you can take your healthcare offerings a notch higher. From improving customer engagement to attracting leads, Twitter can help you develop strong connections with your patients.

Twitter Marketing

This is one of the many reasons why at MDS, Twitter for digital marketing is used as a robust platform. In order to gain connections with loyal patients. We believe Twitter provides businesses and brands the chance to strengthen their online presence. This is why we aspire to tailor campaigns for your healthcare services without straining your budget.

Using Twitter For Digital Marketing

Before we get into the details of how Twitter helps in promoting your healthcare services, discussing how Twitter helps in digital marketing is equally important. Digital marketing is all about promoting a brand’s services, regardless of the industry it operates in, by using digital platforms and tools.

By devising strategies and campaigns to capture the masses, brands all over the globe are utilizing Twitter to promote their services. However, a brand can only find Twitter catering to them only if they have a significant amount of followers following their page.

How Good Is Twitter For Healthcare Services?

What better way can there be to post relevant information about your brand than on Twitter?

Unlike any other social media platform, Twitter has the features that keep your posts simple, relevant, and as precise as possible. This is why attracting a robust clientele becomes relevantly easier when you use Twitter.

All you have to do is prepare yourself a schedule for regular tweet posting. Then, keep your tweets under 280 characters, and Voila. Also, you have mastered the art of using Twitter without any hassle.
However, ensure your posts are relevant, easy to read and provide precise insights into your brand to captivate your target audience. And chances are Twitter will take your digital presence a notch higher.

Ready to stand out from your competition, create brand credibility. awareness, loyalty and trust all at the same time

MDS will help you transform your vision into reality and achieve the ROI your marketing department is looking for.


Statistics to help you

Sixty-four percent of hospitals are using Twitter.
Most patients use social media to exchange conversations with their doctors.
Today twenty percent of hospitals in America are using social media.
Twitter has around three hundred and nineteen million monthly active users on Twitter.
If you use Twitter strategically, your tweets have the potential to reach five hundred million internet users.
Around sixty percent of doctors consider social media as a significant tool for improving health care services.
Original tweets are likely to receive a higher customer engagement percentage when compared to your copied tweets.
82% of B2B content marketers utilised Twitter for organic content marketing in the last 12 months

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