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The Future of Healthcare Video Marketing

Exponentially boost your marketing performance with a winning video strategy. Since more people are turning to videos for information related to healthcare, adding videos with an effective campaign strategy on your social media platforms & your website can put your practice right in front of them. Strategized video marketing can get you UNIMAGINABLE RESULTS, including:

  • Increased Patient Engagement Rates
  • Increased time spent on page
  • Increased Social Shares
  • Enhanced Brand’s Trust & Credibility
  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • Better CTRs (click-through-rates)
  • Better SEO rankings
  • Better open rates on emails

It’s no surprise that video offers more convenience for healthcare professionals to educate their potential and current patients while showing the personal side of their healthcare practice.
With video, you can express emotions that are not possible with an image or text-based content. Human emotions will likely result in action, and actions will lead to conversions.

Effective healthcare video needs more than that – intelligent marketing expertise and strategy, an effective implementation that gets actual RESULTS, and of course, an understanding of the healthcare industry.
At MDS we offer professionally tailored strategic and tactical patient engagement and acquisition marketing strategies so that you can leverage the full power of video to your advantage.

Proof That Video Marketing Works

With the evolution of digital marketing, we continue to see trends favoring video! Here are some staggering statistics that show how effective video can be for your healthcare business

92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others
83% of video marketers report that video has helped them generate leads
Social video generates 12 time more shares than images and text combined
87% of online marketers use video content as their preferred means for marketing
93% of brands got a new customer because of a video they posted on social media
Since June 2017, views on branded video content have increased 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook
84% of people report that they've been convinced to buy a service or product by watching a brand's video.
95% of video marketers reported that they felt they'd increased understanding of their service or product using video.
80% of video marketers report that video has led to a direct increase in sales. YouTube has over a billion users - almost one-third of total users on the internet
51% of the marketing professionals all over the world name video as the type of content that generates the best ROI. More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day

Final Word

It all comes down to this: healthcare video is an essential element for healthcare brands, both since it breaks through the noise as well as since it can develop meaningful connections with your patients. Showing that your organization truly cares about the well-being of its patients will always make a lasting impression on viewers.

With online video marketing becoming a crucial tool for people to satisfy the information needs of their patients, healthcare practices that fail to include it in their digital marketing campaigns will do so at their peril. The video is the future of content marketing.

The future of marketing is video. According to Nielsen, almost 64 percent of marketers are anticipating video content to dominate their online strategies shortly.

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Learn More About the Benefits of Healthcare Video Marketing

Video content is incomparable when it comes to potential reach. YouTube draws in more than 1 billion unique visitors every month, which is more than any kind of social network, other than Facebook. Video can expand your market share by providing engaging content to a huge community of online video viewers.
Engage your customers and they will not only share your video with others but also spend even more top-quality time on your website & social media platforms. For SEO campaigns, social media marketing, and online marketing strategies, video is one of the greatest tools in your arsenal.

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