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Healthcare Web Analytics

In today’s world of innovation, everything is on the web. From social media management to paid search marketing; the areas of exploration are potentially limitless. If we talk about the healthcare sector, internet presence can be a game changer in their business.
By combining innovative technology services and in-depth industrial experience; we assist healthcare sectors in achieving their true potential. With our experienced team of web analytics, we help you make the right decisions! From attracting the right audience to converting them into potential consumers; we can smoothify that transition, indefinitely.

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Is Web Analytics Mandatory for your Healthcare Industry?

If you’re looking for a short answer, then yes, it is!
However, before you delve in the world of web analytics, you must have a strong understanding of the concept. So, what does Web Analytics hold for the Healthcare industry?
Let’s imagine that you can see the results of your digital marketing campaign. Through this innovative approach, you can not only identify the loopholes to your campaign; but make them better in the long run.
Ranging from constructing profitable advertisement to enhancing sales efforts; web analytics has been the driving force for businesses today. Moreover, as a healthcare business owner, attracting the right audience is a daunting task, itself.
Long gone are the days, when healthcare concerns were only dealt with through physical appointments and phone calls. Today, everything is online! So, if you wish to target patients innovatively, you must have a strong internet presence.
However, you must be wondering – how web analytics can resolve your online woes? Analytics can deliver you with the mechanism through which you can sort through a complex dataset. The datasets can help healthcare organizations to deliver those changing demands of today’s patients.
Let us help you with some insights!

  • A study by IBM Global showed that around 93 per cent of healthcare providers enjoyed success due to analytics procedure.
  • Another point to note is that around 90% of the patients search for their health-related concerns online.
  • Moreover, with a mobile-centric approach in the frame, more than half of the patients want to be reminded of their appointments on their phones.

All in all, through web analytics, you can open up opportunities to unlock the true potential of your healthcare business. Sometimes, insights aren’t enough! By utilizing various analytics tools, you can prepare a well-organized strategy which can help your healthcare organization reach its true marketing potential.

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Now, how can you be sure that your Web Analytics strategies are producing results? Let’s find out!

According to the latest analysis on web analytics, there are more than 52% of users visiting websites via mobile phones (Hubspot, 2020)
By refreshing data faster, you’ll be able to measure the success of your strategy much quicker. Marketers claim that all you need are 20 minutes, and you can pinpoint the key selling points of your marketing campaign. (Hubspot, 2020)
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How We Can Help With Online Marketing

Web Analytics as a Service

Another remarkable service we provide is Web Analytics as a Service feature. By studying the depth of your organization and your company’s goals; we let our data driven web analytics take your website to the next level.
In other words, your data; coupled with actionable ideas can help us build a better online business, that not only stands out today but also will stand out tomorrow.
With services like A/B testing; and project management practices; we develop creative ideas to make your business stand out!
So, what do we exactly do?

  • We bring together the most important data and metrics from your digital platforms such as:
    • Google and Facebook Ads
    • Organic traffic to improve search engine optimization.
    • Social media marketing activity and traffic
    • Brand monitoring online
    • Website analytics
    • Email marketing analytics
  • Providing a Perfect Harmony of Digitization and Innovation! Let the experts here at MDS make your lives easier!

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