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Is your healthcare business in need of more efficient means of marketing? It will do better once it is marketed by industry leading marketers who know what marketing is all about. The second part of the picture is the platform your business will use. Where will you market the business and what good will it bring? These and many related questions must be jolting your mind on how to carry forward the reputation of your healthcare business in the world of technology. Try MDS and we will get in touch with you sooner. Our top rated social media experts take your game to new heights without you to doing anything.

Twitter Marketing Services in Healthcare Industry

We live in the age of technology, where something new comes up every other day. We are now witnessing the rapid advancements in technology in the healthcare industry. The pace at which digital marketing is advancing is mind boggling, but those who do nothing about this revolutionary marketing method, will likely stay behind.

Technology is the key word here, that companies will work towards to if they are to stay competitive. We expect more innovations are on their way in the digital world. It is more than likely to take over the business world sooner or later, as there is room for improvements and innovation. The healthcare industry is just as competitive as others and the competition will likely increase in years to come.

When it comes to business marketing, social media is changing things for the better. Users flood as social media platforms every passing day, these platforms are more than likely to grow bigger, faster.

Why Twitter

Truth is, we are the top rated social media experts at MDS. We provide what it takes to make social media platforms work for your business. We are the specialists who turn things around for client business. For now, we are focused on the healthcare industry. Our aspiring approach lets your healthcare business use social media more efficiently. One of the reasons why MDS stand out in the industry is due to our Twitter expertise. We do it best and we do your campaign just the way you expect us.

Several surveys suggest that Twitter is among the best platforms for businesses. This platform is result driven, and compared to others, the results surface a bit faster. Twitter was originally designed as a platform that could host commercial and business clients. However, due to its immense popularity, it took over as the best platform for casual users as well.

Resharing the data on Twitter, commonly referred to as Tweets, is extremely popular among users. Twitter has been churning over a billion tweets per day, while the number is going up all the time.

Creating Your Brand Using Twitter

Interestingly, all social media platforms share some basics, while they are vastly different in other features. Sharing the data is common to all social media platforms, but Twitter sharing is different as it reaches more users in some cases. Designing a business campaign on Twitter for your healthcare business is the first step. We at MDS understand that the reputation of your business is at stake. Our familiarity with the platform in particular allows us to carve out the strategy for your business.

Another telltale benefit of working with MDS is that you have firsthand insight into social media stats and proprietary tools that we use to ensure excellent performance. Every bit of information on your business is shared with 326 million active users. Your business reaches that many users, and even if it finds one percent users, you will have access to thousands of interested users. This percentage is difficult to achieve on other media platforms, and will likely take much longer to market your business to the world.

Why Should You Use Twitter For Your Healthcare Business?

Twitter is all about improved customer and service providers where they both connect with each other. This platform provides both the space that they can use to fulfill their needs. Twitter is fast, spontaneous and result oriented which makes it the perfect social media platform for businesses.

Twitter marketing with MDS is one of the best decisions you’ve taken recently.

Using Twitter For Digital Marketing

MDS knows that customers using digital marketing for the first time are likely worried, and it makes sense. Using social media may be an alien territory for them as they might not be aware of how it works. Twitter results speak for themselves, as this platform takes your digital marketing much faster. Twitter marketing can be equally effective regardless of the industry you operate in. However, since we are focusing on the healthcare industry, you should pay attention to how we turn your campaign into a successful one.

We study the market and help your business find customers by exploring demographics. We do this by promoting your business to all possible searchable markets. We ensure that these markets are reachable to your business as this helps us connect the right audience to your business. On a sidenote, Twitter has some interesting statistics that make it a highly interesting platform for your business.

How We At MDS Do It

MDS does it better and faster than others. Having been in the industry for years, we understand how social media works. We provide platform specific strategies for your healthcare business. We aim higher and expect our precious users to be with us and see the larger picture. Our Twitter prowess is no different, and we design a marketing campaign that works best for your business. We start by discussing your requirements using online meeting platforms such as Zoom. Each Zoom session helps us discuss your marketing requirements. Once we have them with us, we take your requirements and carve out a specific marketing campaign for your business.
After spending a lot of time doing research and study on how Twitter works, we are now in a position to carve marketing campaign for customers. We are busy serving customers in the healthcare setting, but we maintain an expansive portfolio where we cater to customers aiming other platforms.
The second step requires us to capitalize on the demographics. We understand that healthcare business demographics hugely depend on demographics. Our understanding helps us keep a vigilant eye on the overall proceedings of your social media marketing campaign.
Twitter by nature is much more spontaneous and pertinent to work with, and MDS has all the expertise to turn your business into a Twitter success story.


It should be noted that approximately sixty-four percent of hospitals are using Twitter.
- Around eighty five percent patients use social media to exchange conversations with their doctors.
Social media is being utilized by around twenty percent of hospitals.
- Twitter has over three fifty million users worldwide, a huge marketplace to exploit for any business.
Upon strategically using Twitter, you can exploit your business more efficiently to over five hundred million users.
Sixty percent physicians believe that social media is an excellent tool for exploiting business opportunities and patients in the medical industry.
Original tweets can potentially reach a much higher percentage of users compared to copied tweets.
Approximately eighty two percent b2b users prefer to use Twitter marketing for expanding their business and finding more customers.

Using Twitter For Healthcare Services

We discussed the interesting information related to Twitter for business. Twitter is more interesting than others as it is more result oriented. Despite its peculiar nature, thousands of users are using Twitter marketing worldwide. Promoting your healthcare brand on this platform makes sense as you can achieve results faster. The popularity of Twitter is another factor why you should consider this platform. Twitter can be fun for casual users, but it is more fun when it brings out the best results for your business. Marketing your business on Twitter is something you should look into. Make sure to get in touch with MDS so you don’t have to worry about lapses and shortcomings in your business’s Twitter marketing campaign.

Short, Sweet And Smart

Truth to be told, Twitter is result oriented as it is short, precise and fetches desired results. Twitter is designed to work by keeping the post simple, precise and to the point. Each post has a short wordcount so the user can mention the pertinent information for viewers. This keeps marketing more relevant as you attract audience that are interested in doing business with you. Patients looking for medical services are also likely to inquire about your business.

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